Special Appointments Within Seofon

To ensure that the seven aspects of the guild are upheld and maintained, special duties will be assigned to selected officers.

Recruiting Officer

The Guild Recruiting Officer has the responsibility of watching over the guild roster, and ensuring a smooth and steady growth and equilibrium. The following are examples of some of the required tasks:

  • accepting applications from potential members and answering questions they have regarding the guild and its policies
  • conducting the Officers' Applicant voting process, and informing applicants and members of the results
  • conducting the Officers' Probate voting process, and informing probates and members of the results
  • soliciting feedback on Applicants and Probates from the Members and presenting it to the Officers
  • monitoring the guild roster and recruitment process to ensure we maintain as well-balanced a raid force as possible

Raid Officer

The Guild Raid Officer is tasked with organizing raids in order to increase the strength of members with equipment and experience. Care must be taken to balance the desires of individuals with the needs of the guild. Where this conflicts, it is to be taken that the primary responsibility is to furthering the health of the guild first, and its individual members second. The following are examples of some of the required tasks:

  • research mob- and zone-specific strategies and post them (or links to them) for Raid Leaders and members to familiarize themselves with and discuss
  • make suggestions to the Officers about items or events that would improve the guild's raiding ability
  • solicit and consider suggestions regarding raid locations and drops from the Members and Officers
  • schedule and run standard events (e.g.: loot, epic, quest) that work towards guild objectives, as determined by the Officers and Guildmaster
  • ensure Members are made aware of the scheduled raid times and conditions
  • arrange the tracking of mob spawns that are within the guild's current objectives, and maintain a watch on their status

Raid Leader

The Guild Raid Leader's duties are identical to Raid Officers except they do not include the duties that officers are responsible for. Since Raid Leaders are not officers, they therefore do not participate in guild policy discussions, applicant/probate voting nor the loot council for example.

Supply Officer

The Guild Supply Officer holds the responsibility of watching over guild assets, such as spells, spell components, equipment, etc. The following are examples of some of the required tasks:

  • draft (and submit for approval) the guild policy regarding the use of all guild materials and services, such as the spell, component, and gem banks
  • monitor the guild's use of materials and services, and readjust (and resubmit) the policy to meet changing needs
  • ensure all members understand and comply with the guild policy on these matters
  • keep the Scheduling Officer well-appraised of the guild's needs
  • assist members in keeping up-to-date Magelo profiles
  • track the guild's readiness status to raid areas that require specific keys or flags
  • assist members in meeting equipment requirements (resists, EB items, clickies) by monitoring their equipment and providing advice

Administration Officer

The Guild Administration Officer's duties include monitoring world events, reporting on relations with other guilds and individuals, and managing the guild's website and message board. The following are examples of some of the required tasks:

  • taking notes and screenshots from events and updating the Guild News
  • investigating issues of server and player policy and keeping the Officers and Guildmaster well-informed
  • maintaining the Public and Member sections of the guild forum, excepting those specifically assigned to the Strategy and Tactics Officer (see above)