The Charter of Seofon

Seofon is an East Coast based1, raid-oriented guild on Druzzil Ro (formerly Xev), aimed at gathering together a community of highly-skilled and motivated players into a tightly-knit brotherhood.

Seofon's primary objective is to ensure life remains both enjoyable and challenging for its members.

To that end, Seofon endeavours to:

  • Create an atmosphere where its members are treated with respect, both by one another and by people outside the guild.
  • Construct an environment in which all members feel able to contribute to the success of the guild.
  • Encourage curious but cautious exploration of new zones, new challenges, and new tactics.

To make this possible, Seofon outlines the Seven Virtues as its code of personal conduct, and regards itself as one collective organism - "A Living Guild" - whose well-being must be held in the highest regard, and maintain through the Seven Aspects.

1. The guild does not make any distinction about who may join based upon time zone. By "East Coast based" we simply mean that raid scheduling will typically be planned with east coast North America in mind. Persons in far-removed time zones are still very welcome to join, but do so at their own possible inconvenience.