Ring Events in Vegarlson, The Earthen Badlands

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calm, wait for clamor.
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Last Update:11 Aug 05 - details on Mud ring updated

A. The Basics

There are 4 ring events in Vegarlson, The Earthen Badlands (aka "Plane of Earth A"). Each consists of a series of waves of mobs, and a final boss mob. Only the final boss mob drops worthwhile loot. The triggers for these events are almost always up, but the boss mobs are only available once every 3 days. Completing a ring event when the boss mob is not available will cause a lootless placeholder to spawn instead. There is no way to tell whether an event is going to spawn the real boss or the fake one without completing it.

B. The Vine Ring

Trigger: Kill all 30 "A Tainted Rock Beast".

Phase One: The 10 "A Bloodthirsty Vegerog" become targettable. Pull and kill all 10 to make the boss mob Derugoak Bloodwalker spawn.

The Boss: Derugoak Bloodwalker uses Meteor Storm. It's a 100 range mana drain, targeted AE. Casters need to do their best at staying max range from MT and Derugoak. Derugoak mem-blurs himself a lot. At about 50% health two vegerog adds will spawn and rush the raid. At about 15% four more vegerog adds will spawn and rush the raid. These adds despawn when Derugoak dies and are mezzable.

Loot: Derugoak Bloodwalker drops elemental bracer molds and patterns.

B. The Mud Ring

Trigger: Kill all "An Earthen Mudwalker".

Phase One: Once the "An Earthen Mudwalker" are dead, "A Sludge Lurker" will spawn. When it reaches a certain point in its health, it will despawn, leaving behind 10 "A Muck Mudlet". These are mezzable and stunnable, and are best AE'd.

Phases Two to Six: Once the 10 "A Muck Mudlet" are dead, "A Sludge Lurker" will respawn. Again when it reaches a certain health, it will despawn, leaving behind 10 "A Muck Mudlet" yet again. This process will repeat for a total of up to 5 such waves, with each time the Sludge Lurker's health getting lower before it despawns, until on the last occassion, it will not despawn, but will finally die, and 4 "A Filth Gorger" will spawn back at the mud platform. These will immediately rush the raid.

Phase Seven: Kill the 4 "A Filth Gorger" to spawn the boss - "A Monstrous Mudwalker". He will immediately rush the raid on spawning. The Filth Gorgers are rootable and snareable.

The Boss: A Monstrous Mudwalker hits for 2k, rampages, and uses an AE root spell that will make aggro difficult. He is slowable. Because of the AE root, it is important that everyone attempt to cluster tight around him, to eliminate "ping-pong" aggro. During this fight, adds spawn on player deaths. These adds are mezzable, but do not despawn when A Monstrous Mudwalker dies.

Loot: A Monstrous Mudwalker does not drop elemental molds/patterns, but does drop 2 other EP-quality loot each time.

C. The Stone Ring

Trigger: Kill all of: 2 x A Crumbling Stone Mass", 2 x "A Rock Creation", 2 x "A Pile of Boulders", 2 x "A Boulder Thrower".

Phase One to Five: About 50 "A Stone Fortification" will spawn. These can be pulled in bunches and AE'd.

Phase Six: Four "A Mound of Rubble" will spawn. When low on health, these mobs become suddenly resume full hit points and disengage from combat, walking back to their platform. Be careful not to accidentally kill any. When the 4th one begins walking back, "A Rock Monstrosity" will spawn and immediately charge the raid.

Phase Seven: Kill "A Rock Monstrosity", but be ready for more fighting immediately. 4 "A Stone Heap" will spawn and immediately rush the raid.

Phases Eight to Twelve: Six waves of 4 "A Stone Heap" each will spawn and rush the raid, each wave spawning when the previous 4 are all dead. If you need a break to prepare for the boss mob, you need to set aside one "A Stone Heap" and mesmerize it.. When the final "A Stone Heap" dies, Peregrin Rockskull will charge the raid.

The Boss: Peregrin Rockskull hits for 2k and may memblur himself. He uses the Pebble Rain AE, which is an easily resisted MR-based snare/DD.

Loot: Peregrin Rockskull does not drop elemental molds/patterns, but does drop 2 other EP-quality loot each time.

D. The Dust Ring

Trigger: Kill "a dusty warder". Six to eight "a dust devotee" will immediately spawn where the dusty warder died.

Phase One: Kill the 6 to 8 "a dust devotee" that spawned. These hit hard but are mezzable.

Phases Two: After the local "a dust devotee", it is necessary to move closer to the dust platform. About 40 more "a dust devotee" must be pulled and killed. Following the death of the final "a dust devotee", the next wave spawns and automatically rushes the raid.

Phase Three: Three "a triumvirate of soil" spawn and rush the raid. While fighting them, 2 will transform into tiny piles of dust making them very difficult to see. When the 3rd triumvirate dies, the boss spawns so it is best to drag the last triumvirate onto the dust platform and prep for the boss before killing it.

The Boss: "A Perfected Warder of Earth" spawns. He hits for 2k, blurs himself, and uses a mana/hp DD centered on the main tank which is CR-300 to resist. There are three ways this fight can go:

  • he spawns no adds, or
  • he spawns 3 triumvirate of soil adds, which may not be mezzable, or
  • he spawns many a triumvirate protector adds, which are mezzable.

Loot: A Perfected Warder of Earth does not drop elemental molds/patterns, but does drop 2 other EP-quality loot each time.

E. Credits

Much of the information gathered came from threads and guides brought to me by Verge, so a big thank you for all his assistance.

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