Enrollment in Seofon

Latest Update: June 6, 2011

Seofon on Xegony has officially gone on a hiatus until such time that SOE can deliver content for EverQuest aimed at smaller guilds.

In the interim, Seofon has extended it's presence on both the Fippy Darkpaw progression server (as "Seofon on Fippy") and on EverQuest II's Permafrost server. All current and retired members in good standing may receive invites for those guilds should they wish to be a part of our extended community.

If you wish to apply to Seofon,
you must go through the process described below.


If you can't follow this simple process, you will have failed our "Test of Reading" and won't even be considered.


  • You must be unguilded to apply. Applicants found to be guilded will not be considered and their application voided.
  • You must not have applications pending with other guilds when you apply. Applicants found to be applying to other guilds will not be considered and their application voided.
  • Seofon has few specific requirements for who can apply. Most importantly, we seek mature players whose attitudes mesh well within our culture.
  • While there is no level or AA requirement, understand that most active members are level 90 with many AAs and grouping in House of Thule.
  • Currently, we have an abundance of Rangers, Paladins and Shadowknights and while we never close our recruiting totally, an application from a class that we are full on can be denied based on that alone. At this time, we are most interested in taking on Bards, Berserkers, Clerics, Druids, Monks, Rogues and Wizards. We are particularly interested in adding Shamans and Warriors!
  • We have beaten Fippy's Revenge and are currently working on the other raids in Tier 6 Underfoot while still doing some farming of Tower of Discord. See the News section for our latest wins!
  • We're typically raiding about 2-3 times a week right now. At the discretion of the Raid Leader, most of our raids are open to applicants (who are appropriately flagged, or "draggable") and they are encouraged to attend.
  • Sometimes raids call for use of the guild portal as more than a simple travel convenience. When this happens we may offer applicants temporary Seofon tags so they can participate fully. Applicants are expected to drop the tag on their own when the raid is complete pending later acceptance as a probationary member.

Step One: Applying.

Before applying you must:
  1. Go to our "About" section and ensure that our ideals meet with yours, and that you're willing to abide by our rules. In particular, read "Life in Seofon".

  2. Decide which of your characters you intend to make your "main".

  3. Create a Magelo profile for your character if you don't have one already. Alternatively, you may provide your EQ Players profile but Magelo is preferred.

  4. Register on our Message Board using your main's name for your board name and post a message in the Introductions section.

  5. Contact the Recruiting Officer by sending a personal message with your answers to the following questions:

      • Who is your main character with which you plan to join the guild?
        Include your: full name, title, level, class, race, AAs, leadership AAs, keys and flags.
      • What is your Magelo or EQ Players profile number?
      • Why do you wish to join Seofon?
      • Do you know anyone in Seofon? If so, who?
      • Which guilds, if any, have you been in previously? Why did you leave your last guild?
      • How often do you play, and what are your usual times? (Note: we are an "EST-based guild".)

If the personal message link doesn't work, go to the Roster and click the icon next to the Recruiting Officer's name. If you have any other questions, you can contact the Recruiting Officer on our Message Board via personal message.

Do not send tells ingame harassing the Guildmaster, Officers, or members.

Step Two: The Officers Vote.

The Officers of Seofon will consider accepting or rejecting the applicant for a probationary membership. This process can take up to two weeks. They will likely try to find you and get to know you through grouping one or more times, and inviting you on raids. Many things are considered by the Officers when it comes to approving or rejecting an application. It's not simply about whether or not you're friendly or competent or if anyone knows you. The current objectives of the guild, the number of characters we already have of a given class, your current level, how fast you level, and so on, are all factors Officers consider before casting their vote.

Step Three: If Approved, Probation Begins.

Once the Officers have arrived at a conclusive (majority) vote, you will be informed of the result. If you have been accepted, you will have your main character /guildinvited into Seofon to begin your probation period. The Probation periods works as follows:

  • Only your main character will be guildinvited during Probation.
  • Probation lasts one month.
  • During Probation, you may not claim "NEED" on loot, unless the Raid Leader explicitly states that Probates may.
  • During Probation, you may roll for "GREED".
  • After one month, the Officers vote to either approve you as full member, remove you from the guild, or extend the probation for a 2nd month.
  • If your Probation is extended, at the end of the 2nd month Officers only vote to approve or remove.