Guild Policies

Last Update: 19 Nov 09

Seofon is administered in accordance with the following Guild Policies:

    A. The FUN! Clause

  1. At the discretion of the Guildmaster or other Officers, any member felt to be destroying the gaming experience of other members will be removed.
  2. B. The Guild's Reputation

  3. In Seofon, we insist on treating not just one another but all the people of Norrath with dignity and respect. We also value our guild's reputation strongly. The following are examples of behaviour we do not tolerate:

      • No "camp stealing".

      • No killing of guards in newby zones.

      • No public arguments. (/ooc, /shout, /auction)

      • No scamming.

      • No hiding your guildtag with /anon, except when in trader mode in the bazaar, or when requested by a Raid Officer. /role is acceptable for those wishing to conceal their class.

      • No offensive or derogatory language. How you choose to speak in groups is your own business, but /guildsay, guild voice chat, raid channels, and the message board are considered "PG-13". Derogatory terms based on (but not limited to) race, religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation are not tolerated. Religion and politics are considered inappropriate topics for open discussion.

    C. The Probation Period

  4. When a new member first joins the guild, they are considered to be "on probation" for their first month, and possibly a second. The details of this process are outlined in the Joining section.

  5. D. Raiding and Loot Rules

  6. Raid attendance is encouraged but it is not mandatory.

  7. The guild's loot rules apply only to events organized and led by the guild. Individual members are always free to apply whatever loot rules they wish to their own groups, even if those groups should be comprised solely of guild members.

  8. Above all else, it is to be taken that the Raid Leader for any given event holds supreme authority for the application of the loot system for any given raid. The responsibility for being aware of and understanding the loot rules for any given event still lies with the individual member.

  9. The use of "bots" and/or "camped out" characters or alternates on raids is purely at the discretion of the Raid Leader.

  10. All cash loot and "vendor trash" acquired during guild events goes to the guild bank.

  11. Our loot system is outlined here.

  12. E. Guild Security

  13. All member of Seofon are considered bound by an oath of confidentiality. All discussions between members of Seofon, in guildchat, groupchat, raid channels, tells, and on our message board are considered confidential.

  14. Characters wearing the Seofon guildtag may not be botted by persons not also members of the guild. Members of the guild are permitted to bot each others characters, but must make themselves known.

  15. Any person found to have violated the trust of the guild may be removed at the discretion of the Guildmaster and/or Officers, and without warning.

    F. Extended Absences

  16. Anyone expecting to be away from the game for an extended period of time should contact their Advocate. Members may, at any time, request an extended AFK and can remain so for up to six (6) months. All characters will be guild removed after this point. Members who expect to be away for longer than six (6) months because of real life commitments may get special consideration to extend this period.

  17. Members who have not officially requested an Extended AFK and who have not logged their main on for a period of three (3) months will have all their characters guild removed.