Raiding 102: Being a Raid Member - What's Expected

When the speed of a hawk is such that it can strike and kill, this is precision.
So it is with skillful warriors - their force is swift, their precision is close.

Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"

Last Update: 18 August 04

Table of Contents

A. Being Prepared

    Having the Right Equipment

  1. Besides the usual equipment you carry and wear for day-to-day questing and XP-grinding, there are often other items of equipment which either come in handy or are sometimes outright required in order to raid against certain opponents or in certain areas. Three types of equipment commonly required for Seofon raids are "Resist Gear", "EB Items", and "Clickies".

    Resist Gear

  2. Resist gear is equipment that raises your base resistances. Wherever a requirement is noted for an event, it is to be taken as meaning "a minimum of 100, unbuffed, in the listed categorie(s)". For instance, if a raid is shown as "MR/FR", it would mean it can only be attended by those who have appropriate resist gear to raise their unbuffed Magic and Fire resist numbers to 100, simultaneously. Because time is often of the essence, it is important that once you have collected an appropriate set of resist gear, to carry it with you at all times.

  3. If you're starting from scratch, the simplest way to build up a basic set of gear is by having constructed as set of player-made resist jewelry. Here's what is often referred to as "the basic set":

      • Purchase 3 bars of electrum, 4 bars of velium, 1 bar of gold, 4 blue diamonds, 4 diamonds.

      • Find a 49+ enchanter and have them enchant the 8 bars.

      • Find a Grandmaster Jeweller (250 skill) and have them make (shown as MR/FR/CR/PR/DR):

        1. diamond + velium = +8/+8/+8/+8/+8 ring (all purpose)
        2. diamond + velium = +8/+8/+8/+8/+8 ring (all purpose)
        3. diamond + gold = +3/+10/+10/+5/+5 mask (FR/CR gear)
        4. diamond + electrum = +3/+5/+5/+10/+10 mask (DR/PR gear)
        5. blue diamond + velium = +9/+9/+11/+9/+9 bracelet (all purpose)
        6. blue diamond + velium = +9/+9/+11/+9/+9 bracelet (all purpose)
        7. blue diamond + electrum = +4/+6/+6/+11/+11 earring (all purpose)
        8. blue diamond + electrum = +4/+6/+6/+11/+11 earring (all purpose)

      • This yeilds either: +45 MR/+61 FR/+65 CR/+61 DR/+61 PR or +45 MR/+56 FR/+60 CR/+66 DR/+66 PR depending on which mask you put on.

      • Optionally, you could also go with a platinum blue diamond tiara for 8 sv all, but instead I recommend going to the bazaar (or Lower Guk) to obtain the Crown of the Froglok Kings (20 FR/20 CR).

  4. By searching in the bazaar and on websites online, you can often discover cheap/easy-to-acquire items that can make good additions to your resist gear. Some planar (Fear/Hate) armor that is normally overlooked for its lack of everyday use actually makes excellent resist gear. For instance, Indicolite Boots from Hate can get a warrior 15 DR/PR and still carry a 20 AC on them, and no cleric of sufficient level should be without their Prismatic Shield (10 vs all) until they have better.

  5. Many foods also provide resist bonuses.

    EB Items

  6. There are many zones that are largely or entirely water-filled, require long swims through lava or water, or are completely airless. Because of their tendency to be dispelled, drop at the most inopportune time, and the added stress and maintenance of upkeep, Enduring Breath spells and potions are not considered an acceptable option for use when raiding in these zones. Instead, raiders are expected to obtain (and carry with them) an item that bestows Enduring Breath when worn.

  7. The following are some examples of easy-to-obtain Enduring Breath items:

      • Fishbone Earring (droppable, all/all)
      • Amulet of the Grey Wastes (quested, all/all)
      • Knotted Turtlebone Ring (droppable, all/all)


  8. Whenever you see than an event requires "clickies", it is an indication that the encounter will involve a fight with an enemy who dispels buffs repeatedly. To combat this foe, it will be necessary to have an item (or spell) that allows you to refresh a dispelled buff quickly. The following are some good qualities to look for in a "clicky":

      • a fast casting time (preferably instant) so as not to prevent you from doing other things
      • no restrictions on when or where it can be cast (e.g. Journeyman's Boots are instant, but can only be used outdoors)
      • not likely to conflict with raid buffs (e.g. Sage's Pantaloons won't stack if you have Protection of Seasons on)
      • a self-buff, so that no re-targetting is required

  9. Some examples of common "clickies" are:

      • Goblin Skull Earrings (droppable, all/all)
      • Coldain Rings (8th or later, quested, all/all)
      • Spyglasses (tinkered, all/all).

  10. Of these, the spyglass is the cheapest and simplest way to get a clicky - it's tinkered from vendor-bought components which can all be located in the Plane of Knowledge and total less than 40pp.

    Class Specific Equipment

  11. There are many other items which are desirable equipment, as well as some class-specific required equipment. These will be discussed in a later document entitled "Raiding 104: Class Roles".

B. Forming Up for Events

    Answering the Call

  1. Whether it is a Scramble or a scheduled event, if you plan to attend, it is important to join the channel as soon as possible. This ensure you receive any special instructions, and can ask any necessary questions. Questions asked in guildchat or other channels are likely to be ignored, as the Event Leader will likely be focussing their attention almost exclusively on their raid channel, and are likely to miss questions or comments posed elsewhere.

  2. If you are not sure you are able to attend, it is important to NOT join the channel until you're certain. Use private tells to the event leader if you have questions about event requirements, or if your attendance is questionable. Often, when assessing force, an event leader will use "/list -channel-" to determine if they have enough force to proceed. If you join the channel and later are unable to make it, a event leader could attempt to proceed with an event, only to gather the force and then realize they don't have enough.

  3. If you are late for an event, you must send a tell to the event leader asking if you can come.

  4. If you are leaving an event early, you must send a tell to the event leader informing them of your departure. Inform your group leader as well.

  5. Knowing Where You're Going

  6. The responsibility for knowing how to get to event locations and getting there is YOURS. While guild members are expected to provide what assistance they can in helping one another get to event locations, knowing your way from place to place lies with the individual member.

  7. It is highly recommended that members download maps for ingame use (e.g. from and/or print off maps to keep at hand (e.g. from or
  8. Forming Up and Buffing

  9. Once at the event location, members should do what they can to most easily facilitate the formation of groups, such as turning /role or /anon OFF, and turning /lfg ON. The use of /yell, /raise, and /tell (to your appointed group leader) can greatly help facilitate the fast formation of groups, particularly in crowds.

  10. Even before being formed into groups, members can begin using individual-buffs on one another, to help speed the process along. As groups are formed, group-buffing can then take place. It is important that buffing take place as quickly as possible, particularly for Scrambles.
  11. Understanding the Strategy

  12. Once grouped and buffing, it is important that members understand the strategies that will be used during the event. Questions regarding tactics, spell-use, etc, should be posed to group leaders at this time.

C. During the Event

    The Golden Rule

  1. Always obey the event leader's instructions. Arguing with an event leader's instructions is one of the few things that has ever earned someone immediate dismissal from this guild, BUT IT HAS. Let us all hope it is never necessary again.
  2. Raid Discipline and Ettiquette

  3. The following are short lists of "Dos and Don'ts" for raiding with Seofon:

      • Do NOT use raiding as an opportunity to raise issues or ask questions unrelated to the raid at hand. Leave these matters for another time.
      • Do NOT use raiding as an opportunity to introduce new and complex strategy ideas. Bring these to the message board first.
      • Do NOT pose questions in the raid channel. Ask your team leader.
      • Do NOT clutter the main raid channel with jibes or humorous comments. Confine your remarks to say, groupsay, or guild chat. The main raid channel is to be kept as clear as possible for instructions by the raid leader, status reports, and questions from the team leaders to raid leader.
      • Do NOT expect the raid or team leaders to provide you with instructions on how to reach the raid site or to provide transportation. Getting there is your responsibility. Make these arrangements yourself by conferring with other raid members.
      • DO ask questions if there is some element of the strategy you do not understand. Pose these questions to your team leader.
      • DO offer assistance to others in the form of buffs, transportation, or strategy explanations. Once the raid has begun, confine these discussions to channels other than the main raid channel.
      • DO keep your team leader well appraised of your readiness situation: your mana, your buffs, any AFK breaks you need, etc.

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