The Seven Aspects of Life

Cells form tissues. Tissues form organs. Organs form systems. Systems form organisms. Organisms form populations. Populations form communities. Guilds are communities. Seofon is a community. From the smallest cell to the world at large, all life exhibits 7 unifying characteristics. A guild, therefore, must be regarded as an extension of the organism:

We must look at Seofon, and regard it as a living thing - a living guild.

If we wish to survive and flourish, we must hold in highest regard those very same 7 aspects by which all life survives and flourishes. If we do not, or can not, our community will become unhealthy and perish.

These Seven Aspects, and how we shall apply them, are as follows:


As living things become larger and involve more cells, they become more complex and structured. Cells become more specialized.

The guild is designed to accomodate complex people performing complex activities. It therefore require an organized structure to operate. The assignment of special duties to particular Officers or Members is like the specialization of cells. As the guild becomes larger and more complex, it will require further structure, and further specialization and appointments.


Every living thing consumes materials around it for the energy it needs to function.

As a guild, we will consume certain materials as well. Peridots spent on symbols by high-level clerics, for instance, can amass quite an expense on a high level raid. We must have a system whereby we can monitor our expenditures in order to cover our costs.


Living things grow, maturing into stronger and larger things.

Members will advance, gaining in experience levels. As the average level rises, we may need to change raid locations to adjust. We must also always ensure members are allowed to "grow" - too much raiding may be good for gathering loot, but often neglects gathering experience. We don't want to stunt our growth, but encourage it.


Cells produce more cells. Organisms produce more organisms. Populations grow.

As a guild, we will not want to give birth to other guilds, but we will need to reproduce our own numbers. To grow in size, we will need to recruit more members than we lose. To maintain size, we will recruit as many as we lose. If we should ever find ourselves recruiting less than we lose, we face the risk of extinction. We must be ever-mindful of opportunities to increase our numbers.


Living things attempt to achieve an internal balance, an equilibrium where they can function properly.

In order to stay balanced and healthy, we must attempt to maintain a roster that includes as many races and classes as possible, across a range of levels. We must try to ensure we have someone ready to take up any task that faces us.


In order to overcome hardships and survive, living things change, adapting to their situation and environment.

As we face more difficult challenges, such as new zones and different opponents, we must be prepared to learn, and to change our tactics to meet the enemy. Strategies that have proven successful in one area may prove folly in another. We must be prepared to innovate and invent.


Living things exist in an ever-changing world. They react to stimulus and develop patterns of behaviour.

It is important to be aware of game and server events. We cannot exist alone and self-contained. The actions of other guilds can affect us. Changes or additions to the game can affect us. We must be prepared to react to our changing environment.