Last Edit: 2 Apr 08

The Seven Virtues

All members are to conduct themselves by the Seven Virtues:


Be positive. Set goals and look forward to achieving them.
Be joyfully surprised to discover you are even more capable than you thought.
Embrace obstacles as opportunities.
Propose solutions.


Give of yourself.
Treat kindly those who treat you kindly, because they deserve it.
Treat kindly those who treat you poorly, so the world might become a nicer place.
Hold others in your heart and in your mind.


The greatest rewards involve the greatest risks.
Experiment. Be fearless. Try something hard.
Our greatest hours will be our most difficult ones.


Be honest and fair.
The only true justice is that which we make for ourselves.
Give your word bravely, and keep it when it is given.
Expect the same of others.


Fools rush in.
Respect the fragility of life.
Do your homework - know what you're getting yourself into.
Have a plan. Have a backup plan.
Be prepared to innovate if both fail.


Show discipline.
Resist temptations.
Bounty comes and goes. Friendships are forever.
Avoid childish arguments.
Remain calm.


Trust in yourself. Trust in your guildmates.
Trust, and together we can accomplish great things.