The Structure of Seven

Seofon is organized in a heirarchy, where each tier is responsible for passing information in both directions: instructions, assistance, and scheduling pass downward, while requests and suggestions pass upward. While such a triangular structure obviously reflects an increase in both responsibility and authority at its higher levels, it is important to recognize that this structure is in place to serve the needs of all. It is not intended as a means of enforcing the will of one or more members on the others. Rather, in accordance with the belief in a "Living Guild" (seeThe Seven Aspects), the interests and well-being of all members are to be respected and maintained. So just as the body is only whole and healthy with the correct functioning of all its organs, so too the guild can only be considered healthy and happy when it functions properly at each and every level of organization. Everyone strives to fulfill their responsibilities; everyone reaps the benefits.

The current organizational structure of Seofon is as follows:

Seofon is led by one Guildmaster, at whose discretion Officers are selected and assigned responsibilites. Diplomatic contact with other guilds is conducted by the Guildmaster or an appointed representative. In day to day functioning, the Guildmaster passes information to, and receives it from, the Officers.

The Officers of Seofon are appointed by the Guildmaster. They set the direction and goals of Seofon, ensuring the needs of the members are met, and the good of the guild itself is preserved. Officer meetings are chaired by the Guildmaster. At these meetings, they determine how best the Seven Aspects can be maintained and the members cared for. As the Regular Members outnumber them, the Officers divide up the roster as evenly as possible between them. The particular Officer who takes on the responsibility for a given Regular Member is referred to as that member's "Advocate", and the member is referred to as that Officer's "Ward". In day to day functioning, the Officers pass information to, and receive it from, the Guildmaster and their Wards.

The Regular Members constitute the majority of Seofon. In day to day functioning, the Regular Members pass information to, and receive it from, their Advocates.

Newcomers to the guild are granted "Probate" status, and are treated as Regular Members and assigned an Advocate when recruited. Probates face a few minor restrictions until they are granted full status as Regular Members. After one month as a Probates, the Officers vote to determine whether the new member will be granted full status as a Regular Member.

Should a Regular Member's relationship with their Advocate become unhealthy, they may ask the Guildmaster to assign them a new one.

Should an Officer's relationship with a Ward become unhealthy, they may ask the Guildmaster to re-assign the Ward a new Advocate.

Should an Officer's relationship with the Guildmaster become unhealthy, they may ask the other Officers to help resolve their situation.

Under all circumstances, the health of the guild is to be taken in the highest regard. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The guild is bigger than all of us. If the body is not healthy, every cell is threatened. If the guild is not healthy, it is every member's concern.

When the guild is healthy, it is to every member's benefit.